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Activ sex life to nothing

AP Last year ended with the incongruous image of 10, politicians, businessmen, activists and scientists from countries emitting vast quantities of greenhouse gases as they flew home from Bali clutching the bare bones of a global agreement on climate change. Throughout her career, Florence cared for thousands of wounded soldiers and residents and even laid the foundations for the modern nursing we know today. However, this couple has absolutely no intentions of getting married. I sighed, slipped off my heels and trudged into the lounge room. Nearly one in three of the people chosen has a scientific background, even if not all practice what they studied. The security guard eyed my business suit.

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  1. Religion Christian activist: ‘God will curse the children and grandchildren of those who opposed Trump’.

  2. wilhelm reich the function of the orgasm sex-economic problems of biological energy. translated. by. vincent r. carfagno. farrar, straus and giroux.

  3. OK, I’ve read a lot of this thing now. The most ridiculous chapter is the “Campaigns” one. Page after page of explorations into Trump campaign doings, and almost nothing on the Clinton campaign.

  4. The thing about ‘furrowed brow’ is that it’s what the great Kim Wilkins calls a third level cliche. This is a phrase that is not an obvious cliche but is one that is used/overused and has come to signify nothing.

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